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Water Wise Program

Centennial Water’s new Water Wise program encourages water conservation and recognizes customers who have implemented water saving practices in their landscape. Water Wise means you care about water conservation and you are implementing practices that are intentional, sustainable and efficient.

Water Wise customers

  • Have installed a Xeric landscape.
  • Use less than their allocated water budget.
  • Practice responsible irrigation practices.
  • Exemplify purposeful water-saving practices.

What is a Xeric landscape?

Xeriscape is a water-saving approach to landscaping. Did you know more than 50 percent of residential water use is spent on outdoor irrigation? Implementing a Xeriscape landscape can reduce outdoor water use by up to 60 percent, thereby saving money. In addition, Xeric landscapes save you time and reduces yard maintenance.

Are you Water Wise?

Are you a resident, member of an HOA, or a commercial business owner in Highlands Ranch and think you are water efficient? We’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for examples of customers who are water wise and we’d love to highlight what you are doing and share your tips and ideas. Do you come in under your water budget? Have you installed a Xeric garden?
Email info@centennialwater.org and share your water wise practices. We may feature you on social media or in the next eNewsletter.

Water Wise Spotlight

Resident Kathy White is very proud of her Xeriscape gardens. Since completing the gardens in 2016, her water bills have decreased, she no longer has problems with rabbits and now her garden attracts many pollinators. Centennial Water is proud to recognize Kathy as a Water Wise resident.

Call to action

Please take a moment and complete our Water Wise survey. The information collected will help Centennial Water staff have better insight into the community’s understanding of Xeriscape and water usage as a whole. The survey will take no more than five minutes to complete.