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Water Conservation & Efficiency

Respecting Our Resources, One Drop at a Time

Centennial Water & Sanitation District is committed to helping our customers use water more efficiently through education and incentive programs. Water is one of our most precious resources and water management is a vital component of Centennial Water’s operations. The water management goals include, but are not limited to, reducing future water demands through implementation of a water efficiency program.

Water Efficiency Measures

The following mandatory water efficiency measures are designed to reduce inefficient use of our water resources:

  • Beginning May 1 and ending September 30, no outdoor irrigation is allowed from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. While there are no restrictions on the days you may water, it is recommended that you limit watering to three days per week.
  • Hand watering trees and shrubs is allowed any time if the hose is held or a watering can is used. Irrigation using water conserving methods such as drip irrigation or a deep root watering device is also allowed.
  • Washing cars is also allowed any time. However, a hose end shut off device must used.
  • Wasteful water practices are prohibited. This includes allowing excess water to flow into street gutters, and neglecting to repair leaks. Water conservation measures may be adjusted if necessary.

Fixing Leaks Saves Water and Money

The most effective way to save water and money in your home is to fix leaks.  This short video shows how to fix leaks around the house.

Water Budgets

Highlands Ranch customers are billed for water consumption using a conservation-based rate structure called water budgets. Each customer is assigned an allocation of water that provides for both indoor and outdoor use. Water use above the water budget amount is billed at higher rates. For more information about water budgets visit the Water Budget page.

Water Conservation

Get tips and information about how to conserve water and learn about where our water supply comes from in the new water conservation insert. The insert was mailed to all customers in Highlands Ranch in the Summer Messenger Magazine from the Highlands Ranch Metro District.

Water Conservation Resources

The following links provide helpful information about a variety of water conservation topics: