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Learn to Conserve

How Much Water InfographicOne of the primary goals of Centennial Water’s conservation program is to encourage behavior change through education. Staff provides a variety of educational opportunities throughout the year.

Indoor Conservation

Learning to conserve is the first step to understanding how you use water. Approximately half of the water used annually in a home is used indoors. The chart to the right shows how the average home uses water indoors.

For information about how you can save water inside of your home, download the Home Water Management brochure.

Outdoor Conservation

If half of the water we use annually is used inside the home, the other half is used outdoors in our landscapes. However, the water used outdoors is used in only six months of the year. This represents a great opportunity for substantial water savings.

Saving water outdoors can be achieved in several ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Efficient irrigation scheduling
  • Increased irrigation efficiency
  • Practice the principles of Xeriscape
  • Landscape and irrigation system maintenance