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Rebate and Incentive Programs

Centennial Water offers rebate and incentive programs to help customers become more water efficient with their outdoor irrigation practices. Programs are evaluated by staff to ensure cost effectiveness for both Centennial Water and our customers.

We do not offer rebates for smart controllers.

Rebate and incentive programs:

Residential Rain Sensor Rebate

Rain sensors are devices that can be added to any irrigation system to interrupt the normal watering schedule when it rains. Customers who purchase and install a rain sensor may be eligible for a rebate of up to $25.

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Non-residential Rain Sensor Rebate

Rain sensors are required for all non-residential customers operating an irrigation system. A rebate is available for non-residential customers. Smart controllers are not covered under this rebate.

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Turf Replacement

The turf replacement program encourages residential customers to convert water-thirsty plant materials, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, into a water wise landscape. A rebate of $1 per square foot ($1,000 maximum), is available for the removal of any high-water-use plant material and replacement with Xeric or drought tolerant vegetation. Replacement with other materials, such as artificial turf or hardscape, may be accepted but require further approval.

All conversions must first be approved by the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA).

To be eligible, areas must contain at least 50 percent healthy, irrigated turf. A percentage of landscaped area will be deducted for dead, declining or unhealthy turf areas. Appropriate changes or reductions in the associated irrigation system must also be completed.

Program Notes

  • In order to be eligible, all renovations must be completed in the current program year.
  • An initial site inspection will be scheduled with you by the program administrator.
  • Applications submitted after landscape work has begun, with HRCA approval, and without an initial site inspection will not be approved.
  • Sprinklers in the renovated area must be removed or redesigned to appropriately water new Xeriscape. Xeriscape must be watered separately from turf grass.
  • All expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Rebates will be sent upon final approval and completion of the project.

Applications are processed in the order received and rebates are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is limited. Only one rebate per season. The minimum rebate is $250 (250 sq. ft.), maximum rebate is $1,000 (1,000 sq. ft.) per service location.

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High-efficiency Nozzle

The high-efficiency nozzle retrofit program targets the replacement of less efficient, traditional fixed spray nozzles with more efficient rotary nozzles. A rebate of $2 per nozzle is available. The non-residential maximum is $3,000. Installation costs, sales tax, and shipping and handling costs are not covered.

These water conserving nozzles are recommended in conjunction with a six-inch pop-up height sprinkler head for turf areas, and a 12-inch pop-up height for native and/or perennial areas. Actual water savings may vary.

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Resource Central

Centennial Water partners with Resource Central to offer customers discounts on free irrigation inspections and low-water garden kits.

Plant a beautiful, low water Garden In A Box today.

Slow the Flow

Free irrigation inspections are available to residential customers. The inspection will reveal the efficiency of your irrigation system and you will be provided suggestions to improve it. A limited number of free inspections are available each year.

Request an appointment by signing up with Resource Central using their online registration form, or by calling 303-999-3824. Once your inspection is complete, you will receive a summary report within 24 hours of your appointment detailing the findings and your recommended new watering schedule.

Garden In A Box

Purchase a low-water Garden In A Box from Resource Central. Garden In A Box is an easy, professionally designed, do-it-yourself garden kit. Each kit includes 14-30 starter plants that come in 4-inch pots. They are accompanied by a plant by number map that makes it easy install in your landscape. A comprehensive plant and care guide, and info sheets cover topics from planting, watering and maintenance suggestions to help support you in caring for your new garden.

Garden In A Box kits go on sale each spring and fall. You can sign up today to be notified when gardens go on sale next. Click here to add your name to the waitlist.  

For more information, call Resource Central at 303-999-3820 ext. 222 or email gardeninfo@resourcecentral.org.



Contact Water Conservation and Efficiency Coordinator Thomas Riggle for more information at triggle@highlandsranch.org or 720-240-4918. Please note, we do not offer rebates for smart controllers.