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Education Opportunities

Water Ambassadors

Invite a Water Ambassador to speak to your school group or organization on a variety of water conservation topics. The Water Ambassador program is offered through the South Metro Water Supply Authority of which Centennial Water is a member. Centennial Water has participated in the program since its inception in 2009.

Water Ambassadors is a water education program serving the south Denver metro area. The program empowers students to make wise choices about how they use water through engaging, interactive classroom presentations. The program has recently been revised and updated to reflect the changes in academic expectations and teaching methods.

There are four new presentations, each developed to support classroom learning and provide grade-level information and activities. Presentations provide in-depth information about local water challenges and solutions by exploring how water moves and is captured for urban use both regionally and here in the south metro area.

Presentations are approximately 60 minutes and can be customized to complement classroom learning goals. All presentations are free.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, visit the Water Ambassadors website. Water Ambassadors also supports special projects.

Centennial Water Staff

Centennial Water staff is available to come speak to your class or group on a variety of water topics.Would you like to learn more about the history of water in our community, where our water supply comes from, or learn how you can implement water conservation practices in your school, at your business or around your home?

The speaker series is available at no cost. The topic and length of the discussion can be tailored to fit your needs.