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Residential water distribution maintenance responsibilities

Questions often arise from residential customers as to the responsibility for maintenance of the infrastructure that conveys water across Highlands Ranch. The summary below is designed to answer those questions:

Centennial Water, the water service provider for Highlands Ranch, is responsible for maintaining and replacing the water distribution system, often referred to as water mains, located throughout its service area.

The individual property owner is responsible for the water service lines and meter pits that allow delivery of water from the mains to their address.

Accordingly, Centennial Water is not responsible for water damage caused by leakage from a property’s water service line or internal plumbing within the property. Therefore, a residential property owner should verify with their insurance agent whether or not water damage is covered under their insurance policies. If not, they should consider the benefit and costs of acquiring such coverage. Centennial Water does not endorse any private insurance carrier for the provision of this coverage.

A more specific definition of the components of a water service line includes:

Water Meters

  • All water meters and remote registers are owned and maintained by Centennial Water, and shall be tested periodically as Centennial Water deems necessary.
  • The cost of this testing is borne by Centennial Water and is recovered through the bimonthly service availability charge.
  • The cost of repairs resulting from abuse of a meter by a customer is the responsibility of the customer. Any such charges shall be paid by the customer as an add-on to their periodic charges for water service.

Water Service Line – Indoor Meter

In installations utilizing a meter located within a building on the property served (such as single-family homes):

  • The customer is responsible for all costs associated with maintenance of the water service line from the connection to the curb stop valve or property line, whichever is closer to the road, and extends to and through the building, excluding the actual meter.
  • Centennial Water is responsible for maintaining the service line from the water main through the curb stop valve, or if there is not a cub stop valve, Centennial Water will maintain the water line from the water main to the property line.
  • However, in the event that damage to a meter or curb stop was caused by actions of the customer including abuse or negligence, the customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with maintenance, repair or replacement.

This is a profile of the water service delivery to a typical Highlands Ranch home.


If you have questions on this topic, please contact Matt Tyler at 303-791-2789, ext. 3430.