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Drinking water taste and odor

The major source of drinking water for Highlands Ranch is surface water from the South Platte River. At certain times of the year or during drought conditions Centennial Water may choose to supplement the drinking water supply with groundwater sources (wells).

Why does my water smell musty?
Periodically in the spring or fall, Centennial Water’s surface water storage reservoirs, McLellan Reservoir and South Platte Reservoir, experience algae growth that produces compounds that have tastes and odors that may be described as musty, earthy or moldy.

Our surface water treatment plant uses activated carbon to absorb the non-harmful compounds the algae produce in order to control the taste and odor of our treated drinking water. Activated carbon feed rates are adjusted during the year to track the algae growth.

Why does my water taste different?
At times when we are using groundwater sources, water from wells, residents may notice a different taste or odor that may be described as chemical tasting or metallic.

Our groundwater sources contain different levels of minerals. Sometimes, when we blend these sources with our treated surface water, our residents notice a difference in the taste of the drinking water.

Is my water safe to drink?
Yes. Highlands Ranch residents can be assured all of our sources of drinking water, both surface and groundwater, are tested on a regular basis and they meet all state and federal drinking water regulations and requirements.

For more information
If you have further questions, please contact the Centennial Water water quality laboratory at 303-791-2185, Ext. 3523.