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Chesapeake Pipeline Replacement Project

In an effort to maintain high-quality water service to the community of Highlands Ranch, Centennial Water will begin the replacement of approximately 2,000 linear feet of water pipeline in Chesapeake Lane and Chesapeake Place beginning in May 2021. The purpose of this project is to replace an aging pipeline that has experienced an increased incidence of repairs over the last several years.

The project will require the existing pipeline to be excavated and removed prior to the placement of the new water main. Water service to homes will be provided through the use of a temporary water system. The replacement will take place in phases and the public street will remain open using traffic control during construction hours. Construction is scheduled Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Homeowners will be notified when it is necessary to excavate the road in front of their homes. 

Project Scope and Timeline

Project Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Team


Project Scope and Timeline

The project will be conducted in six phases beginning with mobilization on-site April 26-27.

Phase I – Valve Replacement
Work includes the replacement of valve in Chesapeake Ln. Temporary water service will be installed to 16 homes on Chesapeake Ln, and there will be temporary water service interruption to nine homes on Chesapeake St.

Phase II – Water Main
Work includes the removal and replacement of the water main. We will excavate and remove existing soil and pipe bedding material.The existing water service will be disconnected and we will install and connect new water services. A temporary asphalt patch will be placed along the pipe trench.

Phase III – Water Main
Work begins with the installation of a temporary water system to 18 homes. The water main will be replaced, and work concludes with the removal of the temporary water system and asphalt patching.

Phase IV – Water Main
Work begins with the installation of a temporary water system to 16 homes. The water main will be replaced, and work concludes with the removal of the temporary water system and asphalt patching.

Work will conclude with cleanup and restoration of the site. Chesapeake Lane and Chesapeake Place will be milled and overlayed with new asphalt. 

Project Details

Staff held a neighborhood meeting April 14 via Zoom. To view a recording of the meeting, click below.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is performing the water main replacement?

The water main replacement is being managed by Centennial Water and Sanitation District who is the water provider to Highlands Ranch Metro District. While Highlands Ranch Metro District owns the water and sewer mains, Centennial Water operates and maintains the lines through an intergovernmental agreement.

The project went through a public bid process and the construction contract was awarded to Brannan Construction Companies.

2. What are the construction hours?

Active hours of construction will be approximately 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Construction crews will be on-site from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. performing preliminary work and daily clean-up activities. Work will be on Monday – Friday and no work will be done on weekends or holidays.

3. Will there be water service interruptions?

There will be interruptions to water service on a number of occasions. The District will do it’s best to provide at least 24 hours notice prior to a service interruption. Notice may come in the form of a residential visit, a note left on the door, and/or an email. Most service interruptions should last no more than 5 hours and no homes will be without service overnight.

For Chesapeake Lane and Place residents, planned service interruptions will occur when the home needs to be connected to the temporary water system and when the home is reconnected to the new water main. Additional planned service interruptions will occur when the new water main is connected to an existing valve.

Although Chesapeake Street residents will not be placed on temporary water service, a small number of homes will have a service interruption when the new valve located at the intersection of Chesapeake Street and Chesapeake Lane is replaced.

4. Will it be necessary to flush the water lines during or after the project?

The temporary and new water main will be disinfected and tested prior to restoring water service to your home. There will likely be air in the service lines when new connections are made and service is restored. It is recommended that residents open an upstairs faucet and flush a toilet to help flush the air out of the lines.

5. What will the construction traffic be like?

There will be construction traffic with trucks hauling materials between the staging area on Venneford Ranch Road, and Chesapeake Lane. There will be signs on both Venneford Ranch Road and Chesapeake Street notifying the public about the construction traffic.

Chesapeake Lane and Place will have one way traffic in the area where the water main is being replaced. There will be flaggers to control the flow of traffic.

6. Will access to driveways be interrupted?

Access to the driveways on the eastern side of the street will be blocked when the pipe is being replaced in front of your home. Notification will be provided to homeowners the day prior to their driveway being blocked. Access to your driveway will be restored by the end of the day. Driveways on the western side of the road should remain accessible throughout the project.

7. Will residents be able to park on the street?

It is recommended that you park your car in the garage or driveway when possible to allow the most room for construction and vehicle traffic. Notification will be provided when a vehicle parked on the street must be moved before the next day. A failure to remove a vehicle that could delay construction may be towed at the owner’s expense.

8. Will there be any restrictions on water use?

Due to the capacity of the temporary water main, the timing of outdoor water use will be restricted only while they are on temporary service. Homes whose addresses end in an odd number will be able to water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Homes whose addresses end in an even number will be able to water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No outdoor watering should occur on Sunday. A reminder will be provided when your home is placed on temporary water service.

9. Will construction updates be provided?

Construction updates will be provided on both the Centennial Water and Highlands Ranch Metro District websites on a weekly basis. Customers who have an email address on file with the District will receive an update via email.

10. What if there is an emergency and I need to get out of my driveway?

The contractor will have steel plates on-site to provide vehicle access over the trench in case of an emergency.

11. What kind of disturbance will there be to the landscapes?

A small area of the landscape in the front corner of yards will need to be excavated in order to make the water service connections. All existing conditions will be documented with photos and/or videos. The landscape, including any damage done to irrigation systems, will be restored to previous conditions.

12. Will deliveries, mail, and/or trash be impacted?

Normal deliveries, mail and trash will not be impacted by the project as the road will remain open to one-way traffic at all times. If you have a large delivery scheduled on a certain day, please communicate this to the contractor and they can make sure that it is accommodated.

Project Team

Project Owner – Centennial Water & Sanitation District

Project Manager – Jon Klassen, Centennial Water & Sanitation District

Engineer – JR Engineering

Contractor – Brannan Construction Company


For questions about the construction activities or schedule, please contact Brannan Construction.

  • General Superintendent – Jake Jennings 303-419-1957
  • Senior Project Manager – Luke Lopez 303-419-6195

Please contact the Project Manager Jon Klassen, at jklassen@highlandsranch.org if you need further assistance.

We are requesting residents provide us with contact information in an effort to better communicate project updates throughout the project. Please send your full name, address, email and phone number to info@highlandsranch.org with Chesapeake Pipeline Replacement in the subject line. Feel free to submit questions that you would like to be addressed at the public meeting.