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Centennial Water recognizes August as National Water Quality Month

August 6, 2021

Centennial Water and Sanitation District is celebrating National Water Quality Month in August. Everyone has a responsibility to be educated about the importance of water quality and what we as individuals can do to protect the quality of our water resources. Centennial Water’s mission is to provide safe, sustainable and reliable water and wastewater utility services to customers with superior quality and value.

Centennial Water adheres to EPA and Colorado Department of Public Health & the Environment (CDPH&E) water quality regulations. Every year, Centennial Water publishes a Water Quality Report. This report educates customers about the quality water and services Centennial Water delivers every day. You can view the latest report online at centennialwater.org.

Centennial Water’s staff takes the following steps on a regular basis to ensure clean water quality for use in Highlands Ranch:

  • All water delivered to customers is first treated and disinfected to the highest standards and drinking water regulations.
  • Staff regularly tests commercial backflow prevention devices to protect the potable water supply from contamination.
  • Every month, 100 drinking water samples are collected and tested throughout the community to ensure the treated water supply is free of harmful bacteria and to monitor disinfection levels.
  • Each day, water samples from our surface water and groundwater treatment plants are tested to confirm the water meets drinking water quality standards.
  • Every six months, water samples from 60 homes are tested for lead and copper to ensure concentrations levels of these metals are below EPA required concentrations.
  • Each day, water samples are collected and tested at our wastewater treatment plant to ensure the treated wastewater discharged into the South Platte River meets effluent requirements and stream water quality standards.
  • Staff monitors and regulates the wastewater discharged by businesses and industries to ensure harmful chemicals are not put in the sewer system.

Centennial Water is doing its part to ensure clean water for the community. Are you?  Every household plays a role in the quality of water available in their community. Centennial Water wants customers to understand the importance of having clean water and encourages customers to take steps to improving our water by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Do not flush medications down the toilet or sink drain
  • Do not dispose of solvents, oil, and grease down the kitchen sink
  • Refrain from using a water softener (salt-charged ion exchange treatment system)
  • Keep storm drains free of dirt, debris, household chemicals and petroleum products
  • Fix car and truck fluid leaks and put liners in driveways, as needed, to prevent release into the stormwater system
  • Refrain from using pesticides and herbicides in your yard
  • Use chemical fertilizers sparingly and only those that do not contain phosphorous
  • Choose nontoxic household chemical products when possible
  • Properly dispose of pet waste
  • Properly store household solvents, oils, lubricants, and engine fuel to prevent accidental spills
  • Recycle unused paint and used oil products

Centennial Water is a proud supporter of National Water Quality Month. Centennial Water strives to provide customers with the cleanest water possible. Join the movement in providing clean water for your community and others across the nation.  


Media Contact:
Kari Larese
Community Relations Manager
klarese@highlandsranch.org | 720-240-4908