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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

In 2021, Centennial Water will begin a phased installation of new water meters that utilize Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  AMI utilizes smart meter infrastructure to send water meter data to Centennial Water using cellular technology.

Centennial Water will utilize a new tool called EyeOnWater enabling customers with the new AMI water meters to review and analyze their water usage patterns at the touch of a screen. Once an AMI meter is installed, it should take about one week for meter to be setup in EyeOnWater. After the setup is complete, customers can download a free app on their smartphone to easily access information anytime.

Set up your account

For help creating an account with EyeOnWater and to learn how to use the new tool, click here. To learn how to set up an account through an app, watch the short tutorial below.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the district replacing its water meters?
Our meter replacement program is on-going and water meters need to be replaced approximately every 20 years.

2. How many water meters will be replaced?
Centennial Water replaces approximately 1700 water meters every year.

3. Will Centennial Water be raising water rates to pay for this advanced system?
No, Centennial Water rates will not be increased to pay for this updated technology. Centennial Water’s meter replacement program is included in our annual operations budget.

4. Do I have to be home for the water meter replacement?
Yes, you do have to be home during the meter replacement, as most water meters are located inside residential properties.

5. Do you have to enter my home or business for this meter replacement?
Yes, the majority of water meters in Highlands Ranch are located inside your home in the basement, crawlspace or garage.

6. What if I live in an apartment, townhome or condo?
Centennial Water will notify the point of contact we have in our billing records for your apartment management or HOA. Since the work will occur at the meter for your building or complex, there should be little impact on the specific units.

7. Will my water be turned off during the water meter replacement?
Yes, water may be turned off for a short time during the meter replacement.

8. Has this equipment been tested for accuracy and reliability?
Yes, all water meters are calibrated by the manufacturer prior to installation.

9. Is this a new technology?
AMI technology has been around for over a decade and is being adopted by water utilities across the country. The water meter itself, is the same technology that has been used for close to a century.

10. How often will the meter data be collected?
Meter data will be collected monthly for billing purposes. AMI also provides water usage patterns to       assist customers with water conservation.

11. Will I be able to see my water usage online?
Centennial Water will develop a customer portal once the AMI system integration is complete. The web-based portal will provide a secure environment for customers to view their water usage, set alerts and learn more about water saving programs.

12. How do I know that you have my meter readings and not someone else’s?
Centennial Water has been reading meters electronically since 1999. Water meters are uniquely   programmed for each customer’s property.

13. When will these advanced meters be installed at my home or business?
Centennial Water is beginning AMI installations in 2020 and is estimating that all residential water meters will be AMI by 2040.

14. Will I be notified prior to any water meter installations at my home or business?
Yes, our system database notifies us when a meter is due for replacement. Individual residents will receive a blue tag on the garage door, notifying you to call and set-up an appointment.

15. How does this new advanced system enhance customer service?
The new AMI technology can help you verify water use patterns that may lead to high bills and identify leaks before they can cause damage your home.

16. Is this advanced system secure?
Yes, this system uses the same secure technology used in most cell phones.

17. What is the expected life cycle for these new advanced water meters?
The physical meter can last up to 25 years, however the battery that is used to send the information is warrantied for 20 years.

18. Who will be installing the advanced water meters?
The meters will be installed by Centennial Water employees.

19. How will I know that the technician works for Centennial Water?
They drive company vehicles with the Centennial Water logo, and also carry ID cards identifying them as an employee of Centennial Water.

20. Do I need to keep my meter accessible?
Yes, your meter located in the basement, crawlspace or garage should have enough room around it for our technician to work easily during the replacement.

21. What happens if I don’t allow Centennial Water access to the water meter?
Section 4.4 of the Highlands Ranch Rules and Regulations allows for Centennial Water to have a right to inspect at all times all facilities connected to, or to become connected to, the District’s facilities. Authorized employees shall be allowed free access at all reasonable hours to any building or premises receiving water service to insure compliance with these Rules and Regulations. A penalty based on the schedule below will be assessed for all customers who fail to provide access after proper notice has been provided. Below is the fee schedule for non-access:

  First Billing Period Second Billing Period All Subsequent Billing Periods
Penalty $50 $100 $250

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