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Water Budgets

To encourage water conservation, Centennial Water and Sanitation District and the Highlands Ranch Metro District implemented an innovative water budgeting concept for water customers. The water budget for outdoor irrigation provides enough water for healthy landscapes, but not so much that our resource is wasted. Progressively higher tiered rates over the allotted budget serve to encourage conservation. However, customers will only be billed for water consumed, regardless of their water budget amount.

Residential Water Budgets

This program allows for a method of computing residential bi-monthly water bills based on an indoor and outdoor allocation component. Residential customers are billed bi-monthly and budgets are comprised of an indoor and outdoor component. The indoor residential component is based upon average wintertime usage and may be adjusted for household population. The outdoor irrigation component allows residents an amount tailored to their individual lot size.

Non-Residential Water Budgets

The indoor non-residential budget is based on meter size. For irrigation only customers, the outdoor budget is calculated on the actual irrigated area served by the meter.

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