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Bill Payment

Centennial Water has expanded its offering of paperless billing and online payment options. The expanded service includes the ability to safely and securely set up recurring credit card and electronic check payments. There is never an added charge to pay your water bill. If you are attempting to pay your water bill and are charged a fee to process payment, stop right away. You are not in the right place. In addition you can opt to have electronic receipts sent to your email account by providing a valid email address before submitting your payment.

Payment Options

  • Online payment: Click the Online Bill Pay tab to make a payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or electronic check. Payments are immediately reflected in your account once you receive the confirmation screen. Please have your bill in front of you as you will need specific information from it to process your payment.
    Note: Enter your account number in the appropriate field and use your house number as your password.
  • Recurring credit card payment: Click the Online Bill Pay tab to pay by credit/debit card or with an electronic check. You can choose to establish a recurring credit card payment by clicking the appropriate box prior to submitting your payment.
  • Mail: Submit your payment in the return envelope provided in your water bill. The payment will go directly to our lockbox processing department in Denver. If you do not enclose your remit stub, the payment will be forwarded to our physical office location for processing.
  • Automated phone line: Make a free, one-time payment with a credit card or check by calling our 24-hour toll-free phone line, 1-866-648-1967. Your Payid is required for this processing.
  • Save a stamp: Payments can be dropped at the Centennial Water office via the drop box in the parking lot or in the payment slot in the doorway. Both locations are picked up daily Monday through Friday. The office address is 62 Plaza Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129.

NOTE: When using your bank bill pay service, please use your account number and our physical mailing address, 62 Plaza Dr., Highlands Ranch, CO 80129. We are not set up to receive electronic funds transfer. Please keep this in mind for proper timing to receive your payment before it becomes delinquent.

Account History

View your account history online by clicking the Online Bill Pay tab. Enter your account number in the appropriate field and use your house number as your password. Click on View Transactions to access billing and payment history and to reprint specific bills.

Account Responsibility

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure payments are made in full every month by their tenants to avoid a disconnection of service or a property lien.

For a list of organizations that offer assistance with utility bills, click here.

Contacting Us

Water Billing: 303-791-0361
Service Department: 303-791-2185
Email: cs@highlandsranch.org

The service department is open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The service department can assist you with scheduling appointments with technicians to check for leaks, locates, meter checks, water pressure check and troubleshoot other possible areas of water loss.

Customer Support

Centennial Water’s billing staff provide support for more than 96,000 residents for water and wastewater services in Highlands Ranch. There are eight bimonthly residential billing cycles plus monthly commercial customers, including schools, churches, multifamily units and parks.

The billing office is comprised of four billing employees. If your call goes to voice mail, please be patient as we are assisting other customers. If this occurs, please leave a message including your account number, name and telephone number. Your call will be returned within one business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Water and wastewater rates
  • Water budget
  • Water conservation
  • Billing and administrative questions

Explanation of water bill charges

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