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Water & Wastewater Facilities

Centennial Water & Sanitation District provides high quality water through the state-of-the-art Joseph B. Blake Water Treatment Plant located in Highlands Ranch. Wastewater is also treated at the Marcy Gulch Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet stringent water quality standards before it is discharged. Centennial Water’s treatment, pumping, and storage facilities include the following:

  • Joseph B. Blake Water Treatment Plant
  • Two groundwater treatment plants
  • 454 miles of distribution pipeline
  • 54 wells
  • 11 pump stations
  • 8 distribution tanks
  • Three raw water reservoirs, including South Platte and McLellan Reservoirs

Centennial Water & Sanitation District Rules & Regulations

Click here to read the Executive summary of Centennial’s Wastewater Utility Plan.