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About Us

Centennial Water & Sanitation District has provided water and wastewater services to Highlands Ranch residential and commercial customers for more than three decades. Centennial Water strives to ensure that our water resources are used wisely. Centennial Water’s strategy is to optimize the use of surface water. Over the past 25 years, approximately 90 percent of the water supplied has come from renewable river supplies.

Our Vision: To set the standard of excellence for community-based water and wastewater utility services through innovative practices in finance, operations and resource management.

Our Mission: Provide safe, sustainable and reliable water and wastewater utility services to our customers with superior quality and value.

Our Core Values

Safety — We work to ensure a safe environment for our employees and our customers.   

Teamwork — We collaborate with internal teams and regional partners to achieve our goals.   

Vision  —  We remain forward thinking to identify opportunities to benefit our community.  We strive to provide leadership within the water and wastewater industry.

Excellence in Service — We strive for excellence in all facets of our industry, including customer service, water quality, and environmental stewardship.

Integrity We take pride in our work and demonstrate honest and ethical behavior to ensure we meet our obligations.  We respect the valuable resources that we are entrusted with and are committed to protecting them. 

Centennial Water Boundary and Service Area

Click here to view the Centennial Water boundary and service area. The map shows both the Highlands Ranch customer area and the extended service area, which includes the Northern Douglas County Water & Sanitation District.

If you are unsure of your water provider, Douglas County offers a tool on their website to show water providers based on addresses. Follow this link to access the tool.


Centennial Water was recognized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as a Bronze Achiever of its Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). The voluntary program recognizes businesses, municipalities and others in the state that make significant achievements in sustainability and are committed to continual environmental improvement.

Click here to download the Centennial Water and Sanitation District Transparency Notice